Clay had a seizure today. A pretty bad one. 

We are at the hospital and will stay here for the night. I’m sending this update because I know many of you are praying and wondering. 

We had been at the ER for less than an hour and there was a whole group of people waiting for me in the waiting room when I came out. I couldn’t stop crying…not only because of Clay but because we feel so loved in these moments. 

He is a special man. Thank you for loving him. 

They have already completed an MRI and we are doing a CT Scan right now. 

The MRI showed that the tumor is actually smaller than it was at the last MRI. So it continues to shrink. Seizures are not uncommon when you’ve had brain surgery, but they will continue to study him to find the cause. We’re being admitted and will stay here until they tell us next steps. 
They are doing a CT Scan of his ribs because Inwas concerned they may be hurt from his fall. 

Please pray. Pray for strength. Pray for healing. Pray for God’s peace, which we already have. Pray for my kids. 

God is so good. He is at work.

For now, things are much more calm. Thank you for your prayers. I’ll update you soon. 

8 thoughts on “Today…..

  1. Lisa Oivanki says:

    Could not sleep, was checking my Facebook page and saw your post. Will pray through the night. Hoping and praying all is stable and remains so. All of you are so precious to so many people.

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