Just A Little Lump Of Clay

My name is Kristy Furlow. In September of 2017, my sweet husband, Clay, went home to be with Jesus after 16 months of living with Glioblastoma. As you can see in the video above, it was his greatest joy to know Jesus. He was filled with confidence and hope the entire time, and he willingly gave himself to God’s plan.

It’s easy to think that God “took” Clay home, but the truth is that Clay “went” home. He went willingly. He didn’t fight. He didn’t beg. He didn’t plead. From the very beginning of his diagnosis, he laid down his life and surrendered to the plans of God. And, many, many people were touched as God used his life.

Some people are called to show the world how to LIVE for Jesus. Clay was called to show the world how to DIE for Jesus. And, he did it so well. By the grace of God, he was a beautiful example of how to trust God in the face of death.

My favorite thing he says above is, “….even through dying, you can still live for Him!” He says, “My life here on earth will end in eternity with Him. That’s Jesus! That’s the hope of glory!”

This blog is our story. I began writing in the very beginning and God helped me in many miraculous ways to continue telling our story. I pray that it ministers to you and provides you hope. No matter your circumstance, Jesus is real and He can be your life. There is nothing we can’t do when He is with us.

Here is a brief synopsis that I updated in August of 2017, just before Clay died:

My husband, Clay, our three children, and I are walking through the greatest trial of our life. On May 2, 2016, we went to the doctor because Clay had mild headaches and a few minor symptoms. We thought he had a vitamin deficiency. But, instead, the next day, we were told that he had an inoperable Glioblastoma. It is a large brain tumor located in the center of his brain. In the first few days, we were told that a biopsy would not be safe and treatment could be limited. He was given just months to live. By a complete miracle, and after the specific prayer of one of our dear friends, God sent Dr. Cataldo to our hospital room. He referred us to MD Anderson and arranged for us to see the Head Neurosurgeon there, Dr. Weinberg.

Dr. Weinberg operated on Clay on May 13, 2016. He miraculously removed about 90% of the tumor during an 8 hour surgery. After 4 days of recovery, we returned home. Clay has a large incision on the right side of his head, but Dr. Weinberg’s surgery (and the plan of God) added a significant amount of time to Clay’s life. We were able to have radiation treatment and chemotherapy here in Baton Rouge, under the care of Dr. Russell and Dr. McCanless at Pennington Cancer Center.

Clay’s doctors told us from the beginning that there is no cure for this disease and that it would eventually grow again, if God didn’t heal Clay. Well, that day came. On July 18, 2017, Dr. Weathers (our MD Anderson Oncologist) informed us that the cancer has begun growing in the spinal fluid. This is the worst case scenario. There are no treatments available once cancer is in the spinal fluid. Surgery is not an option.

So, in early August, we engaged Hospice of Baton Rouge. Clay is no longer on aggressive treatment for the disease. We are enjoying every moment of our time with him, and he is spending a great deal of time with close friends and family. He has lived 15 months, when he was initially told he had 3 months. We feel very blessed.

From the very minute we learned of this condition, in the midst of confusion and shock, God has given us “iron in our souls.” He has given us the peace that passes understanding. He has proven Himself to be real and He has proven to both of us that we ARE abiding in Him. He is life to us right now. Without God, we would be lost and without hope. But, with Jesus, we are filled with hope and excitement about the miracles God has already done. Lives are being changed and revival is happening in our midst.

Everything we do on this earth is for the glory of God. Our lives are intended to bring glory to God. He works miracles through us for His name’s sake, and, so that the watching world will know He is real. We have submitted ourselves to God’s plan. To His purpose. We know God intends for us to share our story with you so that you can see Him at work.

We are praying for you daily. For all of you that are watching our story. We are praying that you will know God and that He will become life to you. That as you see Him, you will be drawn to a close and personal walk with Him. When you literally have no hope in this world or in yourself, you must have Jesus.

Updated August 2017