Shingle All The Way

Clay was diagnosed on May 2 of this year, so it’s been a little over six months. In that time, he has had radiation, chemotherapy, lots of different medicine, and surgery. Yet, he has maintained a really positive attitude and he has had very limited side effects. He looks really good. He hasn’t been sick at his stomach (except for twice) so he hasn’t lost a lot of weight. In fact, he’s gained 10 pounds. He lost his hair, but that didn’t matter! We’ve watched so many others in the same situation who have suffered so much.

His main side effect has been fatigue. He tires very easily, so he needs more rest than usual. His taste buds don’t work very well, so he can only taste foods with really strong flavor. His voice is weakened and he constantly sounds like he is hoarse. It doesn’t hurt, but he sounds like he has a sore throat all the time. He has sporadic joint pain and occasional mild headaches.

We have thanked God so many times that He has made the burden light.

That changed a little when we found out this week that Clay has shingles. It started as a small bump above his left eye. The bump kept growing until Thursday am when he woke up with whelps on his forehead and a swollen eyelid. We were on our way to the Oncologist for an infusion, anyway. They gave him some antibiotics through his IV and just told us to watch it.


By 7:30 that night his eye was almost swollen shut and it was starting to hurt pretty bad. I am so thankful for the precious people God has added to our lives through our church. One of those is a dear friend who is also a dermatologist. He answered my text immediately and, after seeing a picture of it, he told me it is shingles. We started the meds that night. He also gave us pain meds that helped a lot.

Clay was pretty uncomfortable all day Friday, but every time he would talk about it, he would say, “I haven’t had to deal with anything this hard so far. I’m really blessed that I went so long without major problems.”

I would just smile at him. It is true, but I think it is a huge testimony that he can keep that perspective. You know how sometimes it is hard to see the reality of your situation when you are right in the middle of it? Well, God has enabled him to see the truth about where he is and I’m so glad. Because, it is true. In the midst of a very difficult situation, God has kept him well and has blessed him with strength.

Thank you, Lord.

And, knowing that fact, made this week a lot easier for both of us. It hasn’t been fun, but the Lord helped us through. He is still recovering today. In fact, we are watching church from home today. I love that we can do that.

So, as far as the plan, we are continuing to do what we’ve already been doing. Clay will stay on the Temodar (chemo pill) one week out of each month. He will continue to have the Avastin infusions every two weeks. We’ve been told that he will remain on these medications as long as they are working. I thought the Temodar was limited to 6 months, but the Oncologist told me he will stay on it as long as the tumor is not growing.

We have a scheduled MRI on Monday, December 5. Sometimes it feels like we live from scan to scan. But, I just do my best to take my thoughts captive and stay right here in the moment. I don’t want to spend my time worrying or living in fear of what tomorrow holds. It is so much better to live for today and enjoy what God has given us. His grace is sufficient for today. And His grace will be waiting for me when tomorrow comes.

At times, I feel like our lives revolve around doctor visits and treatment times. But, then I look back through my Photos on my phone and I realize how much we are still living this life and enjoying time with our friends and family. Here are a few highlights from the past several weeks…


Clay’s niece, Ali Furlow, asked him to escort her in her homecoming court for Walker High. It was so sweet. Clay’s nieces and nephews really love him and Ali wanted him to be part of this special night. She has a wonderful dad, who was excited that she asked Clay to walk in his place. So, it turned into a big family event.

And, Walker was playing Live Oak, so we got to watch Clay’s cousin’s son, Ryan Morris, play QB for Live Oak. He’s been wearing his “Pray for Clay” bracelet in every game this year. It was great to watch him play that night.

When they announced Ali and Clay, Ali asked the announcer to read James 5:16,

“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

It was a very special moment for all of us.

We saw lots of good friends, including Don from Dr. Russell’s office! Clay was especially excited to see a long-time friend, Angel Benedetti. They got to visit for a while.


Grace went to homecoming. Clay could barely stand to let her leave. She was quite beautiful. He wanted to go with her to make sure that no boys talked to her all night! Poor Grace.

We got in a car accident. Someone rear ended us on the Interstate. No one was hurt. And, guess what we were doing???


We had just been to Krispie Kreme donuts. This picture is not from the same night, which makes it even more funny to me. We’ve visited Plank Road wayyy too many times lately. He absolutely craves them and it is very hard for me to tell him no. It’s even harder for me not to eat them when the aroma fills up the car because they are so hot you can barely touch them. I mean, seriously, how can they be so good? It’s just wrong.

Clay’s love for these sugary delights is starting to show. He has gained 10 pounds! Now, when I gain 10 pounds, no one says a word (which I prefer, believe me.) When Clay gains 10 pounds, everyone makes a comment. It’s so funny. Several people have walked right up to him and said, “Well, you are putting on some pounds, huh?!” He just smiles and says, “It’s the Krispie Kreme!”

We always look for opportunities to enjoy family time. I’m sure that, at some point in your life, you’ve probably considered how a diagnosis like this would change you and how it would change what you do with your time. Well, we are living that out right now. And, I can promise you…it changes everything. Every moment is important to us. Every opportunity to be together or be with our kids or be with our parents or be with friends. The little things become highly valued, like Ben just wanting to lay with Clay in the bed for a few minutes.

Every moment becomes important.

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I rarely leave Clay, but Grace and I did sneak away for some girl time, recently. All the girls in my family (that live in BR) went to the Vintage Market Days craft show in Amite, LA. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time shopping and being with the girls.


Clay always enjoys visits from friends who just want to spend time with him. Caleb brought him Albasha (one of his favorites because he can taste the really strong flavors.) It’s not the best picture, but it’s a good memory for me. My dad showed up and we all visited for a while.

I continue to feel very loved by so many of you. You text me, call me, hug me, pray for me, visit me, read my blog, send me cards, and so much more. I’m amazed at how many wonderful people God has placed in my life.  Almost every time I am having a difficult moment, or I need some encouragement, my phone goes off with a text or call from someone just letting me know they love me and are praying for me. God is so sweet to always send the encouragement I need.

I love you. I love that my family is surrounded by people who love us. I pray that God will richly bless every single one of you. I pray that God is using our situation to work in your life. To keep you grounded or to bring you closer to Him. He is a wonderful Savior and Friend. I hope you draw near to Him today. Love you, Kristy.

His Eye Is On The Robin

During the last 5 years, the Lord created a friendship in my life. The very first time I met Robin Scherer, I knew immediately that we could be good friends. I call this “Kindred Spirits,” and if you watched Anne of Green Gables, you get the reference. I don’t know if Anne of Green Gables knew Jesus (smile), but when a person is walking with the Lord, this “kindred spirit” is the Holy Spirit.


The Lord really bonded our hearts together over a common challenge we were facing. He created an opportunity for Robin to speak into my life regarding an issue that she was walking through. She had no idea, at the time, that I was facing a similar struggle, but the Lord knew. As we talked over coffee, in a very crowded room, it was like we were completely alone, and a beautiful friendship was born.

I knew I needed a good friend in my life, but I had no idea what was in store and just exactly how much I would learn from her.

Robin has suffered with migraines for about 14 years. They come and go, and some  years have been worse than others. At times, she spends an entire week in bed on heavy medication because of the pain. The past year has been especially hard for her.

As He always does, the Lord has used her pain to create a powerful testimony that has touched many lives. As I’ve walked with her through the past few years, I always thought the Lord had put me here to minister to her. It wasn’t until Clay’s diagnosis that I realized just how much she has ministered to me! These are a just a few of the things she has taught me that I have literally clung to during this time:


These are actually words that were spoken about Robin, not by her. A friend used these words to describe Robins faith one day, and I never forgot them. While she has struggled with pain and suffering for 14 years, she has never stopped believing that God is THE Healer. He is entirely able, regardless of what He chooses to do. 

Y’all, 14 years is a long time. That’s longer than Joseph was in prison. That’s a long time. Yet, she has never stopped believing God to heal her, and to heal others. She has prayed and believed for the healing of people around her. She has encouraged other people fighting sickness. I just thought it was so profound when I heard these words.

It’s easy to believe things to be true about God when we see them done. We believe because we see. But, blessed is he who believes when he does not see. That’s Robin. She continues to believe when she hasn’t seen God heal her.

God burdened my heart to pray for her healing. For a long time, I literally felt like it was me. Like I was beseeching God on my own behalf…that’s how hard I would pray for her. I had such a longing and an expectation in my heart for God to heal her. It was almost overwhelming, at times. I never really understood why the Lord did this. I just assumed He desired to use me in her life.

Until May 2. Then, it made sense. I immediately saw how God created a great faith inside of me and how He taught me how to pray for healing through Robin’s situation. I had never needed God’s healing so desperately, until now. I had never really needed to understand the healing power of God, until now. 

He used her life to burn these words into my heart. He literally infused them into my spirit…God IS a Healer, even if He doesn’t heal. I believe it. I do.


Moses taught us how to pray in a way that affects God. When he asked God to spare the people of Israel, he didn’t ask it for his own sake. He didn’t tell God, “But, God, I really love these people and I’ve spent so many years trying to help them and lead them. Save them because I’ve invested so much time here.”

No. He said, “God, what will people say if You destroy them? You made them Your people. You said You would protect them. You said. What will the world say about You if You kill them?”

Moses besought God for His name’s sake. And, God changed His mind. He saved the people because Moses was right. God’s name would have looked powerless if He had slain the people. 

This is how we should pray. The desire of our heart should be for God’s name to receive all the glory it can possibly receive. If He can use our life to demonstrate His glory to the world, then we should be totally surrendered to that plan. And when we go to God with our requests, we should ask Him for things that bring glory to His name.

So, that’s how I would pray for Robin. “God, please heal her for the sake of your name. Heal her so her testimony is one of healing that demonstrates the power of God that is still alive and well in the earth today.” 

She called one afternoon. She was having a really bad week. Lots of pain and in bed a lot. She told me the Lord had given her a revelation regarding this prayer. She said, “The Lord just reminded me that this is not my testimony. It is HIS testimony. I just have to submit so He can have His way.”

How many times have you told God what He should do?  Have you ever told Him what is best? Wouldn’t it be easy to assume that the very best way that God could receive glory is to heal Robin? And to heal Clay? But, be careful. He sees the future. He is writing the story. He knows what will bring His name the most glory. Not us. 

So, this is how I pray for Clay. “God, you know what is best. You care about the glory of Your name so much more than I can. Your greatest purpose is for Your name to receive glory in the earth. You want souls to be saved and You want people to see how great You are…so much more than me. So, this is Your testimony. You are responsible to tell this story. You are responsible for using our lives to show Your greatness. Do it, please. Use us. Now, it seems to me that the greatest way for the world to see your power would be for You to heal Clay. To give him life. But, I trust You with Your testimony. Help us to remain submitted to Your purpose.”


Robin shares a testimony regarding a time when she was so desperate for God to speak…to heal…just to do something. He brought her to the story of Hagar and Sarai in Genesis 16. Sarah is mistreating Hagar and Hagar runs away. She is in the desert and the Angel of the Lord comes to her and speaks to her. 

He reminds her that God sees her and He has a plan for her life, even though it seems impossible right now. He sends her back to Sarai…something I’m sure she did not want to do, yet she responds like this,

“Thou God seest me” (vs. 13)

Sometimes, when we are in the desert, feeling lost and wondering why in the world God has let us get to this place, all we need to know is that He sees us. The Angel didn’t tell her the message she wanted to hear. He didn’t tell her that Sarai would no longer mistreat her. He simply told her to go back and that she would have a child. Even though she didn’t want to go back, she was comforted just by knowing that God saw her.

We have to remember this. When life seems too hard, or our situation seems so bleak, God sees. He sees us. He may not be giving us everything we think we want, but He sees us. 

When Robin shared this testimony with the ladies in our church, I remember her saying,

“He is the God who sees. It’s not what He does. It is WHO HE IS.”

That should go down in history as a famous quote by Robin Scherer. I know it has ministered deeply to me in my greatest time of need.

I pray that these thoughts have ministered to you as much as they minister to me. This is another great example of why we need each other. God uses our friends in the body of Christ to encourage us, teach us, uphold us. He uses the testimony of other people to bring revelation into our lives. 

I encourage you to be someone’s “Robin” today. Be that friend that shares your heart and the things God has taught you. Walk alongside other people so that God can minister through you. Share your testimonies and the things God is showing you. You never know how much it might mean to someone else. 

And remember today:

  • God is a Healer. He is everything His Word says He is. It is true. Count on it.
  • God is building a testimony in your life. Surrender and trust Him to make it the best it can be. Don’t fight Him, or set your own expectations. Trust Him to do what He knows is best.
  • He sees you today. No matter where you are. He sees you.


As a side note…another really cool thing about my friendship with Robin, is that God also created a cool relationship between her husband, Caleb, and Clay. So, we have so much fun together. God has used Caleb in Clay’s life just as much as He’s used Robin in mine. This picture is us at the London Bridge. Clay was the only one who wanted to pay a crazy amount of money and wait in a very long line to go on the tour. We took this picture as a joke because we were picking on him for making us all do something that only he wanted to do. It’s like we are saying, “It’s all about Clay!”

Now, I love this picture because Clay is surrounded by the 3 of us, joined very tightly in prayer for his life. It’s like we are saying, “We are with you, Clay.” He is loved by so many, who are standing beside him. Praise God.

I can’t leave you without telling you how Clay is doing.

Last week, he had his 4th infusion of Avastin. This week, he has taken his 3rd round of Chemo. His blood levels are all still perfectly normal. He has gained 10 pounds and he looks perfectly healthy. His next MRI will probably be the first week of December.

On the downside, he is tired all the time. And, he is starting to have some joint pain that we think is caused by the Temodar (chemo.) But, he’s handling it so well. He’s so easy to take care of.

His hair is growing back, although I think he’ll continue to keep it shaved, since that’s what he did before treatment. The crazy thing is that the hair is coming back curly! He has these micro curls all over his head. At first I thought they were pimples, because they look like little black circles with a white center. When I tried to pop one, I realized that it was just a little circle of hair. Crazy.

He has a good appetite, I think because of the steroids he takes. And, he might be pregnant because he’s having serious cravings. You know, the first craving was Dairy Queen M&M Blizzards. Then all he wanted was Animal Crackers. Now, it is……..


Krispy Kreme! Y’all, he wants them every, single day. Oh my gosh! I can’t take it. I’m trying to space out the drives to Plank Road to at least every 3 days, but as soon as he eats the last one, he asks when we are going back! 

Thank you for continuing to pray for us. I’m still so encouraged by all of you who are reading our story and who are blessed by what God is doing. It reminds me that He sees us. He has a plan. We love you and thank you for your love and support.