We’re Staying Home

We just got word that our insurance only approved our treatment at MDA as 60/40 coverage. This is basically a decline. Considering that chemo and radiation could be over a million dollars, we would not be able to afford the expense. The Radiology Oncologist at MDA was recommending IMRT treatment, which is available here in BR. So, as the Lord spoke to me from the very beginning, it is not the horse we ride into battle that will save us. We are trusting the Lord and His plan. He has closed one door and opened another.

We already got an appointment with the Radiology Oncologist here in BR, Dr. Russell. We see him tomorrow at 1:30. I did feel surprised by this news today, but within just a few hours, the Lord has worked out all the details and my heart is settled. I’ll write a little more later tonight so I can tell you some of the details that have happened. God continues to amaze us with His presence and His love.

Thank you for praying. I can’t tell you how much it means to us.

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