Getting Closer to MDA

Just a quick update because I’ve had several people asking (thank you so much for being concerned):

I spoke with MD Anderson today and got confirmation that the head of neurosurgery has accepted Clay Furlow as a patient. They are working now to confirm our insurance. And, I have a little angel (Ashley Stanley Kellett) at BCBS waiting for our paperwork to come across so she can help expedite it, if possible. God has been so faithful at every turn.

They couldn’t confirm our appointment, but the doctor only sees patients on Tues and Thurs. They will call me Monday to confirm a time. So, we’ve decided that we are going to leave Monday morning, IN FAITH, and just believe God that He will make everything happen in His perfect timing. But, we’ll be there and ready if they take us on Tuesday.

We love you, all. We are so humbled by the way you are praying so earnestly for our family. I’ll give you another update soon on what God is continuing to do in our hearts.

But, I have to go because we have sweet friends visiting. Your visits and gifts have blessed us so much. I’ll never be able to tell you!


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