We’re Going Home

Quick update: We are going home. Bags are packed. Just waiting for the car. Our Oncologist is working on our referral to MDAnderson. All the doctors here are very supportive of our decision to get another opinion. We’ve had excellent care. We will not pursue any treatment until we’ve had the opinion of docs at MD Anderson, so I won’t have any updates until we get there but I’ll keep you all informed on how we are doing.

Friends, please treat our home like you would a hospital room. If you want to visit Clay, do it. Just text us and let us know so I can tell you if it is a good time. The support and love is helping us more than we could express. Visits are good for him. He’s been preaching about Jesus, so be prepared for that! 😉 He is an amazing person because of God’s strength in him. Praise God.


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